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Letter from Delta Pi's VP Member Education and Director of New Members:

Becoming a New Member is one of the most exciting experiences we go through as a Delta Gamma. As chapter members, we strive to help our new girls feel welcome and loved by showing them the amazing things that make our sisterhood special to us. Being able to welcome in and get to know the lovely ladies, we have the pleasure of sharing our values and sisterhood with is one of the best times of the year.

Last year, we had an all out Delta Gamma Bid Day celebration, which included having dinner and a pool party while decked out in all things bronze, pink, blue, and anchored from head to toe! On Bid Day, we hope that our New Members experience an environment full of love and excitement as they get a closer, more inside look at the incredible organization that they are about become a part of.

Throughout the new member pursuit, new members enjoy a member class retreat, movie and game nights with each older member class, Big/Little reveal, social events, and weekly new member meetings. These meetings, conducted by the Vice President of Member Education and Director of New Members, allow new members to learn the history, traditions, and values of Delta Gamma and Delta Pi while also forming new friendships with one another.

By the time Initiation arrives in November, they will know the values and goals of our beloved fraternity. They will always share a unique sisterhood with the other chapter members throughout their college years and far into the future. From bid day, to initiation, and far beyond, we inspire our fabulous new members to dive in and most importantly, "Do Good".

-Tucker Clay & Lexi Nguyen




Our new member process:

In Fall 2016, the Delta Pi chapter welcomed new members on Bid Day after having a very successful recruitment week!


They started the new member education process shortly after Bid Day were initiated. We are so proud of the greatness that these girls have brought to our chapter, and we look forward to watching them continue their growth as outstanding young women!

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New members participated in a campus tradition by jumping in the fountain together.


In The Bonds

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