Letter from Recruitment Chair

Dear potential new members,

Hey y’all! My name is Molly Schraeder and I’m a junior at Southern Miss. I am so hyped to be Delta Gamma’s recruitment chair this year. Three years ago I was coming into Southern Miss, planning to go through recruitment but totally unsure of what to expect. I was nervous because I have never been the “sorority girl” type. During my week of recruitment, I met so many kind and welcoming women in all the chapters. I picked Delta Gamma because I felt like I could be completely myself at all times. I felt comfortable, embraced and loved every time I stepped into the Delta Gamma house. Now, approaching my senior year, I cannot imagine going through these past three years without Delta Gamma. I cannot image not having life chats in the chapter room or movie nights in the nook. I cannot imagine not having people to laugh and cry with every step of my college career. I have made my best friends and my best memories. I have become a leader who is confident in herself and her abilities. I have felt the pride that comes in contributing to a greater purpose. I chose Delta Gamma three years ago, but I continue to choose her every day of my collegiate career. As recruitment chair, I am thrilled to bring a new group of exceptional women into our chapter. I wish you all the best of luck coming through recruitment and hope you find a place that makes you feel like you’ve found your home. Don’t be nervous- just be yourself and know that there are women ready to accept you with open arms. As for Delta Gamma, we are so excited to meet you in August and share our sisterhood with you.


Molly Schraeder