Letter from Recruitment Chair

Dear Potential New Members & Parents,

Welcome to Delta Gamma at Southern Miss! My name is Carrie Anne Bounds, and I am serving as this year’s Recruitment Chair.  I am so excited you are interested in becoming a part of the Greek Community here at The University of Southern Mississippi.

I can confidently say that making the decision to participate in recruitment and joining a sorority has been one of the most incredible parts of my college career. As a member of Southern Style and an orientation leader, I am no stranger to how overwhelming the transition to college can feel at times. When I stepped onto campus my freshman year, I didn’t know a single person at Southern Miss. I was nervous about leaving my family, friends, and the comfort of my hometown, but I knew stepping out of my comfort zone would be worth it.  I moved about three hours away from home, so getting involved was never a question for me; it was more a matter of what I was going to get involved in.

I still remember my first day of recruitment like it was yesterday. I honestly had no clue what to expect and when I walked into my first house, the girls began to sing and snap. I didn’t know whether to laugh, act normal, or run in the opposite direction(seriously). I can honestly say I was a bit scared, but I immediately felt right at home when I walked through the doors of Delta Gamma. The girls were genuine, kind, and made me laugh, which was exactly what I needed. I could see the true friendship they shared through their interactions with each other and the joy in their smiles. I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I walked into DG on the last night of recruitment and the girl who talked to me picked right up where we left off of our conversation that happened over a week prior. I felt valued and that I could be my authentic self, which is all I ever wanted in a chapter.

Now, three years later, those same women continue to amaze me daily. Whether they are pushing me to apply for a leadership position that I’m nervous about, helping me study for a class that they’re not even in, exploring Hattiesburg, or just being a friend when I need one, I can’t imagine what my college experience would be like without them. They’re my accountability partners, my biggest fans, and future bridesmaids.

I can truly say that Delta Gamma has become my home here at USM, and it continues to offer constant love, encouragement, and friendship. I cannot wait to welcome you into our home, and throughout your recruitment experience, I hope you see what Delta Gamma could become for you. Our passion for campus involvement, academics, and Service for Sight is just the beginning of what Delta Gamma has to offer. We are beyond excited that you are interested in going Greek, and cannot wait to see you in the Fall!

Carrie Anne Bounds,

2017 Recruitment Chair