Social Events

We as Delta Gammas value scholarship, but we also want to make sure that our members have an unforgettable experience outside of the classroom. At our social events, our members have a blast while making lots of memories with their sisters throughout their college career!


Each year, Delta Gamma hosts a winter semi-formal and a spring formal (also known as Anchorball). No matter what season, the women and their dates never fail to have a fun time together.

Semi-Formal 2018
Anchorball 2018




The ladies of Delta Gamma have functions with all Greek organizations throughout the year. A few of our recent functions have included a braille-card night, laser tag swap, and a bingo swap at Wesley Manor Retirement home. Through these functions, we are able to strengthen our friendships with the other fraternity and sorority life members on campus.

Laser Tag Swap with Sigma Nu in February 2017.


Awareness night.